Stetson Size Medium Hatteras Cashmere Silk Blend Newsboy Hat Cap, Brown

View Stetson Size Medium Hatteras Cashmere Silk Blend Newsboy Hat Cap, Brown
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Brand : Stetson

Merchant : Walmart US

Made of Cashmere Blend Cashmere and silk blend 8/4 cap Silk Lining Available in grey and brown Sizes medium - 2XL This stylish newsboy cap is made of ultra- soft cashmere and silk. It is lined with silk for comfort. This style of hat is also known as an 8/4 cap because of the 8 triangular panels that meet in the center of the crown under the button. Walmart marketplace seller BeltOutlet specializes in value-priced clothing and travel accessories for men, women and children. We carry a wide varie...


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Category : clothing & accessories > men > accessories > hats & caps > newsboy caps

Brand : Stetson

Merchat : Walmart US
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